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From former stars of Diff'rent Strokes to fallen muscians and scandalized politicians, they're all out there kicking up nostalgia on the Web. We help you find them. The Once Famous Index has direct links to hundreds of official sites from these formerly beautiful people. From the saddest Geocities web space to the most glamorous FLASH technology interface -- we show 'em all. The only theme is that they were all once famous. Dried up celebrities struggling for their last gasp of fame in cyberspace. It's a pathetic yet truly fascinating journey.

Check out our Featured Forgotten section also, where we profile a particularly compelling site each month. See our Bad Fan Pages if you really want to feel better about your own life. Ever wonder how long a movie's web site is kept active? Take a look at our Eternal Films corner to find out how some films never die when you have dot-com for life support.  


You're kidding right? You're here because you're in a retro mood. Why would you care what a site waxing on yesterday's stars is working on today! Well, if you have any media requests or anything else on your mind -- or heaven forbid you would want to advertise here -- go ahead and contact us if you do. Thanks.


She started acting after her brother landed a role in Little House on the Prairie but these days her brothers still doing work and she's tries to rhyme "Christmas Tree" with "RSVP" -- and it's not pretty.

Incidentally, try visiting the The Feathered Back Hair Site if you're into camp feathered hairstyles or ILoveMullets.com if you want to read some great mullet poetry! They're brilliant sites!

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